Sunday, December 13, 2009

If a Stripper Doesn't Have Rights, Who Does?

This item from the Las Cruces, Sun-News, an Alburquerque U.S. District Court jury found the constitutional rights against unreasonable searches violate by the NM State police who raided the "Phoenix NightClub" in Flora Vista, New Mexico in 2006.  Jill Dusenberry, a stripper and her fellow dancers were subjected to a pretty obnoxious search by the cops who were ostensibly looking for drugs.  While an item like this is amusing, it's just one of many examples of the abuse of police power reported at local news sites around the USA, everyday. 

What made this Bad Lawyer-worthy was the tagline of Arlon Stoker, Miss Dusenberry's attorney, "if strippers don't have rights, then none of us do."  While not quite on the level of Johnny Cochrane, it made me smile. 

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