Saturday, December 5, 2009

What Don't Teachers Get?

Okay, you're 53 years old, you're in academia, albeit MIDDLE school, what makes you think it is appropriate to type and give your students sex letters describing how "hard" you get?  Minnesota School music/Band teacher gave two female students just such lovely sentiments, and was caught typing a third when caught by school administrators.  Details at the Smoking Gun website:

Then there's the Swim Coach who was trying to teach a student the art of "muff diving," Sarah E. Jessing was fired from Bishop George Ahr High School in Edison, NJ.  Miss Blessing also worked as a 5th grade teacher in New Jersey Public Schools.  More about this prize eductor can be found at the Record Courier:

What don't teachers get?


  1. I was talking to my art prof-buddy this AM and he said, and it's true--this sort of thing is as old as time; I suppose, as in Socrates, et al. But parents don't send their children to elementary and secondary school to have sex with their teachers. And the Colleges of Education, the Boards of Education and the administrators need to ingrain this concept.

  2. so creepy. But here's something--some of my male friends think that it's only creepy when male teachers do it to girls, but, as one of them said, "a hot teacher coming on to a boy is actually educational," or something to that effect. Needless to say, this precipitated a big argument. As the mother of a son, I see things pretty differently. Where there's a difference in power, it can never be consensual, ergo, it's damaging. There are a lot of bad ideas out there.