Thursday, December 17, 2009

35 Years for a Crime He Didn't Commit!

In 1974, James Bain, then 19, went to prison for kidnapping and raping a 9 year old boy.  James Bain didn't do it.  Today he was released from a Florida prison following DNA proof that he could not have committed the crime.

Please keep two thoughts together when thinking about Mr. Bain--not that many years ago, the abutting state of Georgia still put rapists, particularly black men to death for rape; secondly, there is at least one US Supreme Court justice who thinks actual innocence should excuse a death row inmate from his date with the executioner. 

James Bain spent 35 years in prison, according to news reports he isnot angry.  That's ok, James, I'm angry for you.  Have a very good life.


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  1. It's terrible to be in a prison without being guilty...But he is so strong!