Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ma'am You're Speeding, Here I Need You to Blow On This!

Former North Las Vegas police officer, James Vernon Clayton had a practice of "soliciting dates" during the traffic stops of women he considered attractive.  He just entered a plea of guilty to three counts of attempted misconduct and two counts of "oppression under color of office."  Apparently Patrolman Clayton tried to enter guilty pleas at a hearing last month but would not admit that he asked for sex in exchange for dropping tickets, the court would not accept his plea.

At yesterday's hearing Clayton admitted he asked for oral sex from one of the women he pulled over for speeding.  He is to be sentenced May 18th,


  1. He certainly is guilty of all accusations. He was my UPS driver prior to his employ with the department and he asked for sexual favors from attractive customers. My husband did not appreciate it.

  2. Thank you for posting your comment. It's a tragedy that so many people put in these positions of responsibility exploit vulnerable persons. You should read my more recent posts about Lawyer Al Garcia.