Friday, December 11, 2009

What Assholes!

The Legal Profession Blawg brings attention to the story of Illinois divorce Attorney Dennis Shumacher who among other things, sexually assaulted a divorce client in his office.  This case is so upsetting, not because the behavior which in my mind is (an unprosecuted) crime, but because the Illinois Bar gives this piece of shit a one year suspension.   Here's what I want you to do, read the Legal Profession post and if you want, the opinion of the Illinois disciplinary authhorities which I've also linked and answer this question:  think this guy has been doing this to his female clients all along?


Oh and, there's this guy, 83 year old Detroit, MI attorney, Murdoch Hertzog--suspended for a couple of months for soliciting sex in lieu of fees:


  1. Are these attorneys, real? How come they get to come back?

  2. Can ayone file charges with the polic where they did these things