Sunday, December 6, 2009


Students in Abilene, Texas and other school districts throughout Texas are required to Pledge Allegiance to the Flag and (need I even say this?) in Texas the law requires them to include the phrase UNDER GOD.  Now setting aside the fact that the Govenor of Texas and much of its population is decidedly pro-secessionist it's mighty thoughtful of the Texas legislature to enact this measure.  And don't the kids look wonderful in the accompanying pic?

But guess what, the "under God" language was added by the Texas legislators way back in 2007.  You know it's just this sort of demagoguery that lawsuits are made, and sure enough a Dallas couple is suing over the separation of church and state implications in the Pledge.  Here's the thing, I don't give a damn.  But why?  Why do legislators do this to the tax payers of their respective states?  Invite lawsuits over some pathetic patriotic bull?  Oh and let's mix religion into the mix.  Ridiculous.

Here's my suggestion for the local media, go, randomly put the law makers on camera who enacted this legislation and ask them to recite the pledge by heart.  Go ahead, I guarantee pure comedy.

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