Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Let's Get this Party Started! Oops. . .

I promise, this is the last post for today, but a bit of a miscreant-lawyer-theme is a running current at the Blawg and this story our of Minneapolis needs our attention.  Aaron F. Biber, see pic, like young boys.  The problem with raping young boys is that it is inconsistent with being president of the Minnesota State Bar Association which he "was in line to become"and a Super Lawyer which he listed himself as. 

The 46 year old lawyer, a partner at Gray, Plant and Moody of Minneapolis was trying to arrnage a second date with a boy he had raped previously, but the police were on the phone when he said,"let's get this party started,"  according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune.  According to the Star Trib Aaron Biber liked to rock the bow tie--and was readily noted for the look.

Cautionary style diktat note from the Bad Lawyer, lawyers who favor bow ties as Mr. Biber did, are making a statement.  Maybe it's just my bias, but I've never met a lawyer, other than law professors--who should wear a bow tie.  I think the statement made by the bow tie is--"I'm smarter than you and I don't give a shit if you know it, because I know it."  Uh, huh.

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