Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Another Sheriff With His Head Up His. . .

Newton County, Missouri Sheriff Ken Copeland "has his head up his ass" according to the report of the Springfield, MO. website, The Crime Scene.   The more stories like this that I accumulate from around the country, I'm beginnig to realize that this is a technical condition endemic to sheriffs.  God forbid you expect these stupid bastards to do their job which after all is primarily "peace keeping" and assisting in the administration of justice for the people of their local county government.

Attorney Duane Cooper went to the Newton County jail to see his client and was refused admittance, and refused admittance, and refused admittance.  Cooper had to obtain a court order after hours  from Judge John LePage to gain acccess to the jail visit for the purposes of doing the business of criminal laweyer and criminal defendant.  The thing is, Missouri law is definitive, a lawyer may see his client at ANYTIME.  So after Cooper gets Judge LePage's Order to see Cooper's client, what might you think was Sheriff Copeland's reaction?  Yeah the Sheriff wasn't happy.  In fact Sheriff Copeland called Cooper on the phone and used some colorful language.

Cooper never did access to his client, once again proving   If I was attorney Cooper, well I think you know what would have happened.  He doesn't need my advice.  The voters in these jurisdictions are foolish and they better start waking up, their "tough Sheriffs"act as if they work for in Banana Republic--and no I don't mean the clothing retailer. 


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