Saturday, December 12, 2009

Godless Politicians

The AP is reporting on the threatened lawsuit of Asheville, North Carolina City Council versus Cecil Bothwell, their atheist colleague.  The recently elected 59 year old Bothwell is being challenged because some odd North Carolina Constitutional provision disqualifies officeholders who deny the existence of "the Almighty God."  Some of Bothwell's fellow councilmen share the public position of the editor of the Asheville Tribune, David Morgan who says he's tired of seeing the "[North Carolina]constitution trashed"--and want Bothwell sued. 

How can this be, you might ask?  Doesn't the US Constitution trump the North-By-God-Carolina constitution and provide equal protection to Cecil Bothwell?  You bet it does, and the US Supreme Court has so affirmed, but it doesn't mean sqauwk to these hillbillies.  A non-believer sued and it took seven years to finally obtain a court order permitting him to obtain his notary public commission in North Carolina. 

Remember, you can be sued for anything. 


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