Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Lawyer Is a Bat-Wielding Maniac!

Charleston Gazette police reporter Gary Harki brings us this amazing story of the bat-wielding Charleston, West Virginia attorney, Joshua Robinson.  Robinson, 35, who has a record of violent attacks on others both in Kentucky where he formerly practiced law and in West Virginia where until recently he represented David Lee Gump, II--in what appears to be a guardianship matter. 

Acoording to the series of jaw-dropping reports by Gary Harki, what apparently set attorney Robinson off was an unscheduled visit by Mr. Gump to Robinson's residence.  Robinson came out onto his front porch without a shirt and began swinging a baseball bat beating his client pausing long enough to stomp off the porch and smash the glass in Gump's automobile.  A neighbor who witnessed some of the incident says Lawyer Robinson hit Gump with the baseball bat knocking him to the ground, Gump got up and said something further to Robinson who proceeded to beat his client, "like a mad man."

We talk about all kinds of bad lawyers, cops, sheriffs, jurors, and judges, but Joshua Robinson has created a whole new category--bat wielding maniacs with law licenses.    Links to Gary Haarki's Charleston Gazette stories follow.  The Charleston Gazette is also the one-stop web source for coverage of the Caperton/Massey Coal stories we discussed here at Bad Lawyer, and which was memorably the subject of an important US Supreme Court case.

For more:    http://sundaygazettemail.com/News/200912030963  and http://wvgazette.com/News/200912110579

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