Monday, December 7, 2009

Stripper Pole Party with Dad!

Here's a heart warming holiday tale of  a holiday party thrown by a Pennsylvania Dad involving provision of alcohol, a stripper pole and a bunch of underage girls.  The reports on 37 year old Bethlehem, Pa father, Steven Russo who tells the court he's good family man!  Uh huh, Father of the Year, if providing your daughter and her underage friends with alcohol, taking racy pictures of them and putting them online is nurturing.  

Judge Stephen Baratta who was hearing this case of holiday frolic from December 2008 decided that the plea deal Dad worked out with the prosecutor was probably a little too lenient and the Judge set the case down for trial in February, 2010.  Oh and in the meantime, Dad's going to continue to sit in jail for stalking his ex-girlfriend.  What a peach.



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