Tuesday, December 15, 2009

And From Missoula, Montana . . .

The Missoula, Montana police have agreed to pay a local physician $365,000. for,--you know, the basic shit of beating the snot out of him for trying to assist a suicidal patient. That's right, the police arrested, charged, and jailed this good Samaritan; the police refused to provide him with emergency medical services when he had chest pains in jail; and , then released him without transportation to his car, home or office so that he ended up walking more than a mile to the hospital.  Subsequently, 68 year old, Dr. Walter Peschel was hospitalized for three days.

The settlement came on the eve of trial after a Federal magistrate imposed sanctions on the police when the video from the arrest via dashboard camera turned out to have been erased by a Missoula cop (the same police commander was later busted for having child porn on a department computer!)  Nice police force, huh?

Oh, and typical the Police tried to prosecute Dr.Peschel for obstructing police business but a Missoula jury acquitted him of those charges. 

Source:  http://www.missoulian.com/news/local/article_fd16c09e-e878-11de-b5f4-001cc4c002e0.html

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  1. Uhm...Peschel *was* obstructing. The cops repeatedly ordered him to get away from the woman so they could try and get her out of the vehicle. He refused because, apparently, he figured since he was a doctor he could talk her out of her suicidal desires. I dont recall reading statutes that say doctors dont have to follow police orders when they inject themselves into a potentially violent confrontation. She killed herself a few days later, so Peschel's professional follow-up must not have been very good.

    In short, Peschel was a dick and the video showed him ignoring the officers and telling them to 'fuck off'. What they shoulda done was called the K9 and sicced him on the good doctor so the cops could do their job without his lame ass interference.