Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dr. Earl B. Bradley, Pediatrician-Monster

The Bad Lawyer has been following with horror the story of Earl B. Bradley, M.D. (pic) a Lewes, Delaware pediatrician.  If true, this pediatrician's abuse of children is unprecedented outside the crimes of pedophile priests. Delawareonline reports at length on this unbelievable, ghastly story of sex crimes by Dr. Bradley against his patients which he videotaped in some instances with multiple cameras. 

Let me give you a sense of what we're talking about by quoting Delawareonline's story:

"Former Delaware prosecutor Ferris W. Wharton, who at times directed the state Justice Department's rape and sexual-offense unit, said the possible scale of the crimes dwarfs any in his experience.

'Obviously, the potential number of victims that has been put out there exceeds any that I've heard of in Delaware before,' said Wharton, now in private practice. "It's an order of magnitude greater than what I'm familiar with.'

Because of that, defense and prosecution teams could face an extra challenge in focusing on the legal issues of the case 'without allowing their feelings about what the allegations are to override,' Wharton said.

Bradley's arrest capped months of suspicions and unsettled investigations into his conduct at BayBees Pediatrics, 18259 Coastal Highway, that were prompted by complaints. Police said after the arrest that Bradley had six cameras that recorded apparent crimes involving children, including one incident in which he appeared to be 'violently enraged.'"

Once again we confront the worst that we are capable of, as humankind. What was the professional and educational failure that permitted this sociopath to slide through?  What systems failed that permitted him to again and again victimize these children?   Help me understand how this happened?


  1. Baby rapist, look at the mickey mouse coat!!!

  2. I heard about this guy--as a mom, my first thought was--who lets their kid get examined without being in the room? Apparently not everyone--one mother said she switched doctors after this guy insisted on examining her little girl in private. Moms always accompany kids in the examining room. I guess this is just another case of male authority figure intimidating women--but if any doctor insisted on that with my kid, I'd be on the phone to the authorities in a New York minute. Horrifying story.

  3. I have a friend who is a pediatric nurse, and I've asked her to look at this story. I find it almost unbelievable because like you I've never left my child alone at a pediatrician's office. Just practically how can you expect a child to be a good historian of their illness and complaints? It never occurred to me that a doctor would do these acts, but I still would never leave them alone in a medical office. One other question, where are the nurses?

  4. I know people who have taken their children to this man. They were in the room with their children when he performed "pelvic exams" covered by a sheet for urinary tract infections so he claimed. These parents did not know that pelvic exams are not a standard of practice nor did the children realized this was inappropriate after all their parents were there consenting. He is a very clever sick individual in a position of trust and supposed expertise. These parents are traumatized by the thought that they allowed this to happen. It is human nature to want to blame or accuse the parents in the hopes that this tragedy could have been prevented if only people were more vigilant, when in reality, this is a case of a sociopath who could have fooled anyone of us. That is what makes this even more frightening. I worked as a pediatric nurse in the hospital where he practiced and I never, ever suspected anything like this. I have seen him save many lives and have had coworkers in tears because they can't believe the accusations. This is an extremely damaged man who has ruined lives and an entire community. It is not as simple as thinking that the parents or nurses should have known. You would not have known either and that is what is so absolutely horrible. It is literally sickening.

  5. Anon. 12 am--Thank you for your post. It's horrible and sickening--and astonishing that it went on for so long. In the annals of American horror stories this guy is right up there, I'm somewhat surprised that the story has not attracted more attention nationally; for the sake of the children involved--that may be a good thing.


  6. I read a novel recently, "Boy On A Pony", published in 2002, that was about rampant sexual abuse within the medical profession. The author, George Abagnalo, may be the first person ever to have noted that pediatrics is the perfect specialization for pedophiles.

  7. Any case with a possible dead penalty is likely ended up with mental disorder related. Poor on us who have to pay tax to keep him alive. One day, he may be out and your child may be the next victim. Final word is to end the monster life.

  8. What is sad is that his residency program dropped the ball. He has been doing this since residency. He finished in 1986. First complaints came in 1994. This monster has been molesting kids for almost 20 years. What the hell is wrong with our legal system??? It took a 2 year girl that could talk to turn him in??