Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I Won't Run Away, I Promise, Judge

Taney County, Missouri Circuit Court Judge Tony Williams is not running for reelection according to reports in the Springfield, Mo News-Leader.  His Honor, inadvertently, announced this decision with his ORDER releasing a Florida fugitive on the lam for 30 years on a "pair of $12,500 bonds."   Richardson who has been running a lawn care business in Branson, Mo. for many years was picked up after Florida renewed a fugitive search program that had not been pursued in many years.

Oscar Eugene Richardson (pics), 61, walked away from a Kissammee, Florida prison farm while serving time on weapons charges.  Richardson was an armed robber.  He had 8 years remaining on the ten year term he was serving.

The head-scratcher, here, is what the hell is Judge Williams thinking?  Really, the purpose of bail or bond is to guarantee your appearnace in court.  Mr. Richardson has already objectively flunked by virtue of his escape from the Florida peanl system.  Wow.

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  1. Williams goes way to easy on women and children and put good people in jail for a long time for something small.