Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Maricopa County, Arizona Prosecutorial Misconduct?

Maricopa, Arizona "County Attorney" Andrew Thomas is the Butt Buddy of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a favorite subject, here on Bad Lawyer

The LA Times has a decent summary of the most recent Stalinist antics of Arpaio and his sycophant prosecutor, Andrew Thomas. 

In sum, Arpaio and Thomas are conducting a coup in Maricopa County by arresting, prosecuting and suing all of the county elected officials, including sitting Judges--that they, Arpaio and Thomas dislike.  These elected officials are accused by Prosecutor Thomas of a massive conspiracy agasint Arpaio; and, Prosecutor Thomas has filed a racketeering lawsuit in federal court.  

Arizona Central is reporting on a rally of local attorneys against prosecutor Thomas and Arpaio.  Since the drafting of this post, last night,  Arizona Central has updated it's article.

Perhaps all of this an encouraging sign for Maricopa's citizens?  It's reminiscent of the attorney-uprising in Pakistan that led to the reinstatement of that country's Chief Justice and for the time being, the return of the rule of law in a country formerly dominated by Musharraf and his military dictatorship. 

Dictatorship is not too strong a word for what's happening in Maricopa County.  Good luck, gentlemen--Bad Lawyers all!

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  1. http://blogs.phoenixnewtimes.com/valleyfever/2009/12/detention_officer_adam_stoddar.php

    This is an update on the detention deputy that took the legal documents from defense counsel and ended up jailed.