Friday, December 18, 2009

Texas Justice--Wonderland

Texas likes it's reputation for being "tough on crime" as documented repeatedly at Bad Lawyer but the Dallas Morning News is reporting this morning about the extraordinary story of the "trustworthy" self confessed rapist-kidnapper who pistol-whipped his uncle on two occasions was given a "defferred probationary" sentence by a local judge, Judge John Creuzot (see pic).  This means, Lemondo Simmons walks, once again from the consequences of his violent crimes.  Yes, dreams do come true, Texas.

According to the, "Lemondo Simmons kidnapped a couple from Dallas' West End in 1992 and raped the woman. Another man spent 16 years in prison for the crime before DNA evidence freed him. Simmons then confessed, but he was never charged because the statute of limitations on his crimes had passed. "  Charming.

According to the report, Mr. Simmons claimed under oath that he was "trustworthy" and didn't need electronic monitoring as asked for by the county probation department. Judge Creuzot agreed!

Judge Creuzot hits the radar for another head scratcher as well, a former Dallas police officer, Randy Anderson got himself all drunk and disorderly and pulled a loaded gun on country music singer, Steve Holy.  Creuzot gave officer Anderson 45 days!    Most jurisdictions, that would be a mandatory 10 years.

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