Monday, December 21, 2009

Why I Hate the Cops-Part 51

Police Officers who take the time to steal are a wonder to behold.

Phoenix, Arizona "retired" a thirty year veteran police officer and fired his partner after it came to light that the patrol officers were stealing sports cards (44 in all including, the Ernie Banks card, see pic) glued to the doors in a foreclosed house in the Phoenix.  On a list of sins, this is pretty small cheese--but, it raises a couple of questions: namely,  while the officers in the foreclosed home were brandishing knives to meticulouosly remove these collectabile treasure, how many donuts remained uneated? 

Here's the other question, the serious one:  Al Jackson, the officer with 30 years on the force--how many time do you think he did this over the years?  And, I'm not talking sports cards--how much stuff did Officer Jackson steal from homes, cars, commercial properties while he was on patrol around Phoenix, Arizona during his 30 years on the force.  Just a hunch, but I'm betting a lot of property that turned up missing over the years ended up in Sergeant Jackson's hands. 

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