Thursday, December 10, 2009

I Shot Him Once as a Warning, the Next Two Times Was Self-Defense!

Amazing legal defense being presented to a Lorain County, Ohio jury;  lawyer, Kenneth Lieux, attorney for local drug dealer, Terry L. Little,  is defending Mr. Little on charges that he killed a competitor, Lewis Turner. in a Lorain, Ohio McDonald's parking lot in July, 2007.  In his opening statement attorney Lieux admitted that Mr. Little shot  Mr. Turner with .380 automatic pistol, "as a warning," but the next two shots from his other gun, a .22 pistol, were in self-defense.  I'll keep an eye out on this one, if Mr. Lieux can sell this story to a jury, he may have a higher calling than just the law.



  2. with video of defendnat testifying.