Thursday, December 31, 2009

Heavy Weather-Happy New Year!

Well, less than two years to go, and counting down.

It's been very cold in OurTown, certainly not unseasonably, but Global Warming had me envisoning a snow free winter.  The last week has disabused me of that false hope.  Lost's of snow, shovel-ready stimulus snow. This morning there's been a bit of melt, not much.  My POS/SUV has been in the shop allegedly to repair suspension issues.  My mechanic returned it to me this morning further depleting my assets by the GDP of Tobago--and the suspension noises and vibrations that were to be repaired are worse than when I dropped the car off 10 days ago.

I was running errands for the "Super Lawyer"--when I got back to her hovel, here, on the Lake, the mailman had left me a certified mail notice.  The mail truck was still on the curb several houses down, and so I trudged through the snow to claim my certified letter from the Supreme Court.  Mr. Postal Delivery-guy was in the holiday spirit asking me about how great the "law business" is.  I could only laugh.  You should see my face, now as I type, a wry smile, a sour smile?

Blessed are the poor in spirit! 

Thus far I'm haivng a blessed 2009,  Thank God, it's over! 

I do hope 2010 is healthy, prosperous and happy for you, your friends and your families.


  1. And to you, BL. I like these artificial thresholds--because of course the New Year could start anytime, we've just arbitrarily decided it's tomorrow. But it's always good to have an excuse for a clean slate. May the new year--and new decade--bring you lots of unexpected joys and exciting adventures.

  2. Same to you, dear Gayle, let's hope we have lots of good things to blog about in "twenty-ten." Best wishes to you and yours!

  3. The weather was really heavy))) It's great to meet spring!