Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Official Oppression: Judge Jackson Off to the Slammer

Ariana Venegas was charged with drunk driving in Harris County, Texas (Houston) according to the reports in the Houston Chronicle

On Monday, Criminal Court Judge Donald Jackson (pic, left) was given 30 days in the slammer for attempting to seduce the defendant in exchange for obtaining a favorable disposition on her matter.  They call this crime "official oppression." 

This sordid matter is covered comprehensively at the Houston Chronicle website (see link) with video of the Judge, victim and lawyers. 

I handled a matter years ago involving a barfly who was accosted by a newly-elected municipal court judge who had been a "family law" practioner.  This asshole Judge was notorious for cruising the local divorce court looking to prey on women in the throes of divorce, custody, and child support woes.  While Judge HotPants was still a practicing attorney, he met my client in at a TGIFridays (we will leave for another time a discussion of where one should and should not solicit clients)  agreeing to represent her.  When she was unable to pay his fee, he demanded sex.  As you might imagine this did not end well for his judicial career.

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