Saturday, December 19, 2009

DC Cop Pulls 9mm at Snowball Fight!

A DC cop caught in the crossfire of a holiday weekend snowball fight got out of his Hummer with eyewitnesses present pulled his gun according to the Washington DC City Paper.  That's a 9mm in the Detective's hand.  The unnamed plain clothes dectective re-holstered the weapon when uniform cops arrived on the scene in response to panicked cell phone calls.

I talked about this very issue this week, these folks view the world as "us versus them," and as I siad, they're armed and dangerous.  Further proof.

The City Paper report is chilling, that this guy didn't shoot and kill someone is miraculous.  As you notice the episode and parts sequencing of my series "I Hate the Cops" is not sequential, because I could post all day, everyday--with instances where your local police, armed by you, to protect you are abusing police power, because they can; and, they will whenever possible get away with it.

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