Thursday, December 17, 2009

Brainless, Boastful, Badgering, and Abusive

Persons of my generaation and education would declare their sophistication by saying, "I don't watch, television," which may indicate "sophistication" if instead you sat around reading Proust, Kiekegaard, and the New York Review of Books.  When I claimed not to be watching tv I wasn't doing all that much in terms of personal growth, usually drinking copious amounts of alcohol and playing pong; nonetheless, I do occasionally watch the tube.  I remember when COPS hit the air--I've watched enough television to "get" the parodies, send ups, and sequels.  I was not aware that a "reality show" called Female Forces had hit the air until now.  The show claims to feature "Brains, Beauty and Badges."

A Chicago area woman, Earn Best filed a lawsuit against the producers because it aired an episode in which she is featured being arrested for the crime of  driving with a "suspended license."   Going agasint the grain, Ms. Best did not want her 15 secs. of fame, her privacy that was another matter.

According to the Chicago Tribune, this is the second lawsuit this year against this outfit.  Another woman sued following an episode in which the producers filmed her in her pajama bottoms which according to reports, kept falling down.  How about that folks, modesty.  It still exists.  People in America who are genuinely not interested in being on teevee--it's like finding a rose in the snow.  How refreshing--I'm doubtful about the merits of Ms. Best's lawsuit, but I do wish her all the luck in the world.


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