Friday, January 1, 2010

Oh, Baltimore!

I would love to start Twenty-Ten, with nothing but good news, but how?  How can I when you come across stories like this one from the Baltimore Sun which reports on the arrest of 73 year old Baltimore barber, Lenny Clay.  The long time black community activist and beloved Barber is alleged by the police ot have had some sort of Jekyll-Hyde moment and in a state of intoxicaton, assaulted the police with his private car, and while resisting arrest the police found it necessary to break Mr. Clay's arm.  Huh?  Are you f*&$#g kidding me? 

The brainiacs with Baltimore's Best, forgot to "charge" Mr. Clay with assault, and they forgot to get his blood alcohol level so there is essentially no evidence to support the police claims.  What we basically have is a respected elder from Baltimore's Black community, pulled over with a busted arm, and a classic bunch of police BS. 

C'mon, Baltimore you can do better than this.  Try it.

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