Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I Don't Believe in You. Give Me Money!

Pastor Robert Neil Joos does not recognize the US government, but has filed a lawsuit seeking $23 million from it/us, anyway.

The Reverend Joos is one of those aluminum-foil-hat-wearing-right-fringe white supremacist whack jobs.  His church, the Sacerdotal Order of the David Company operated from a 200 acre compound in McDonald County, Missouri and was raided by federal authorities after ATF undercover agents investigating the racially-motivated bombing of a Scottsdale, Arizona man.  The 2004 raid of the Joos compound resulted in the discovery of an arsenal of guns, ammo, and dynamite.  Joos, a felon, can not possess firearms; notwithstanding,  Pastor Joos' federal lawsuit claims Second and Fourth amendment violations.  He'd like the federal government to pay him $23 million and go away.  No word yet from the U.S. District Court on how quickly the Reverend can expect justice to be done in his civil lawsuit.  Does the expression: when Hell freezes over come to mind?  For more on this dangerous clown and his scary cronies:




and the inestimable:


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