Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bad Idea--Rap Song About Blowing Away Your Military Commanders

The Savannah Morning News has this item about a Fort Stewart, Georgia, Specialist who got his ass jailed for composing a rap tune protesting the Army's "Stop-Loss" policy which holds soldiers beyond their enlistment termination dates during the current wars in Iraq and Afganistan.  Specialist Marc A. Hall is doing a month in jail for his hip hop chops.  Specialist Hall raps about grabbing a rifle to spray bullets and "watch all the bodies hit the floor., " according to the report. 

Note:  traditional "free speech" rights under the U.S. Constitution are not applicable to soldiers in uniform. In light of the massacre at Fort Hood, we can file this item under Bad idea-Good idea.  Bad idea, threatening violence in an angry rap song;  good idea, removing Specialist Hall from the general population immediately.

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