Friday, January 29, 2010

From the Annals of Law-Givers: Um, the Mayor's an Idiot!

From the Annals of Law Giver's we have this charming little story. 

Lorain, Ohio is the town President Obama visited recently on his Stimulus Tour '10.  A comeback city, right?  Well, maybe if the Mayor wasn't a Goddam idiot.

This is report from the Chronicle-Telegram online: 

"Law Director Patrick Riley ruled Tuesday that Mayor Anthony Krasienko (pic) can’t rescind his inadvertent veto of legislation giving two west-side areas a controversial 100 percent property tax break for 15 years.

Law dating back to Marbury v. Madison in 1803 has held that once an executive power has been completely exercised — such as Krasienko’s signature on a veto letter — the ability to rescind the exercise of power ceases, according to Riley’s ruling.

It is unlikely that City Council could override the veto because the legislation passed 7 to 1, with three Council members abstaining because of potential conflicts.  Eight votes are needed to override a veto, and Councilman Greg Holcomb, D-6th Ward, who voted no, vehemently opposed the legislation. Holcomb could not be reached for comment Tuesday.

Still, the legislation might not be doomed entirely. Riley said the City Council simply could start over with the legislation. If it passes, it could be presented again to Krasienko, who could let it become law unsigned as he said he intended in this go-round.  Krasienko said Tuesday he was embarrassed about the amount of work he caused. Ultimately, he said it was his mistake because he signed the veto letter prepared by his assistant, Liz Foster. He said he had read three earlier versions of the letter without the veto language and missed seeing the insertion of the veto wording in the final version.Krasienko has said he never intended to veto the ordinance but merely wanted to return it unsigned with a letter stating his problems with it. Unsigned legislation goes into effect after a 10-day waiting period.

The mistake occurred on Jan. 21 — the same day Krasienko was on the phone to the White House about the upcoming visit of President Barack Obama — although that is no excuse, the mayor said.

The veto snafu does give Council an opportunity to reconsider the mayor’s problems with the legislation.'I felt it (the 50 percent/10-year abatement) would be enough of an incentive to trigger sustained and continued growth,'  Krasienko said.  In a sense, the mayor will be getting what he wants — Council will give the matter a second look.  However, Krasienko said he absolutely did not sign the veto letter on purpose. He said issues involving tax abatement are highly controversial, and it took a long time to get the legislation passed in the first place.  'It’s created a tremendous amount of work for not reading that letter word for word,' Krasienko said."
I know, reading all of that word-for-word is pretty tough sledding, but there are just so many charming, underlying elements.  Hizzoner's whining about reading the veto letter, his [non-] excuse of talking on the phone with the White House, and of course, his blaming the secretary, Liz Foster.  The Lorain Mayor is hitting the idiot-trifecta!

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  1. This asswipe just cost the other taxpayers of his town tax revenues. His constituents should recall him. Great story.