Friday, January 8, 2010

Once, and For All Keanu Reeves, Is Not Your Babies' Daddy!

A Toronto, Canada Judge has ruled that an Ontario woman's laswsuit claiming that Keanu Reeves disguised himself as her husband and fathered her four adult children--is simply not capable of belief.  The DNA evidence probably contributed to the Judge's decision to dismiss Karen Sala's paternity suit, uh, since the evidence demonstrates that Reeves was not the father.

The story at the Canadian Press is bittersweet, although certainly not for Keanu Reeves.  The Judge sounds like a real sweetheart.


  1. I totally empathize. I've always had a thing for Keanu, for some inexplicable reason. It's obviously not his acting...

  2. His acting is like my writing skills, but if her allegations are true, maybe, just maybe there's a acting award available afterall? Oliver Sachs wrote a piece an article in the New Yorker, it might be an excerpt from the Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat--about the syndrome, this woman appears to be suffering.

    Years ago I represented a woman who had been molested by a priest. When she came forward, over 50 other children came forward many with complaints that were identifcal to the original history given by this woman. Years into the litigation material we developed from the Diocese included discovery of a statement the diocese obtained from her ex-husband in which he said she believed she had been abducted by aliens. Wow, what to do with that, huh? Our psychological expert, said that sort of thing was a manifestation of the injury she sustained when her personality "shattered" in the years following the abuse. Made sense to me.

  3. Alien abduction and child sexual abuse are probably not that far apart, emotionally...when someone a child trusts violates that trust to such a terrible extent, they must seem suddenly monstrous and alien to the child him/herself.
    I've often thought that those people who claim to have been abducted by aliens probably were victims of some kind of abuse they couldn't bear to face. Anyone who intentionally hurts a child is, in my book, an alien species anyway. Not fully human.