Thursday, January 21, 2010

Q: What Do You Say to a Recent Law School Grad?

A:   Skinny double-shot latte, to go please!

From:  Above the Law


  1. Sorry, Charles . . . I'm not laughing, but it apt. See the NYT over the weekend? The Blawgs have been stuffed with tales of Big Law layoffs, wage freezes, and hiring deferments. And there are a couple of solo blawgs that call the idea that one can hang a shingle and manage debt--a fraud. Sad. You my friend are uniquely talented, so I have no real concern for your prospects journo-legal.

  2. Kate--

    Don't worry by time your ready, the economy will be rolling--and, even if they aren't you ae BEYOND CATEGORY.

    Head on down to the lower 48 I'll find you a job!


  3. Noooo...things are better up here! Our love of excessive regulation paid off and our economy hasn't shit the bed, to use the technical term. Also helps that there's only about a dozen law schools in Canada. I am cautiously optimistic.

  4. yes, there are advantages to being in a nanny-state...lot's of regulation

  5. BL,

    You can be my Bad Lawyer anytime!