Sunday, January 31, 2010

You Don't Need a Lawyer When They Say You Confessed, Even When You Ask For a Lawyer and You Say You Didn't Confess

Watch this video! 

Debra Milke has been sittting for twenty years on Death Row in Arizona for murdering her child.  The conviction was based primarily on Milke's "confession" which Milke has consistently denied making.  In actuality two terrible men, an ex-boyfriend and another man killed the child and disposed of the body.  The only issue is whether Debra Milke was involved. 

The only evidence of the "confession" comes from aa Maricopa County homicide detective who testified at her trial that Milke confessed.  Oh, no, Bad Lawyer, you exclaim, the detective played the confession back for the jury?  Nope.  Oh no, Bad Lawyer, you say:  he showed them Milke's written confession?  Nope.  Detective Armando Saldate also testified that Milke "waived her right to counsel."  Surely, Bad Lawyer, the Detective had this in writing?  Nope. 

There is no written confession, there's no recording of the confession, and there's no witness to Det. Saldante's collection of this confession--oh, and there's no written waiver of counsel.  Unusual, you bet it is.  Consistent with police procedure?  Nope.  Well, maybe Maricopa standards where investigative tools and eqiipment are reserved for investigating elected officials. 


This extraordinary story comes by way of the very pro-police, anit-crime website Crime, Guns and Videotape. 

About the only hope Debra Milke has, is the intervention of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, which has previously reversed the U.S. District Court on technical issues will have a chance to issue a further ruling by U.S. District Judge Robert Broomfield who has concluded that Milke's "Miranda Rights" were not violated. 

Here, we go again friends, the obsession with official State killing, has cost the state of Arizona "crates of money." and 20 years--and people like myself scratch our heads wondering how it is that the rights, freedoms and liberties applicable to most U.S. citizens are not available in Arizona, Texas, and Georgia.   For what?  To kill someone, someone who may not even be guilty of murder, who certainly didn't pull the trigger!


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