Wednesday, January 20, 2010

No Punishment for Judge Keller, Remember: Oops the Clerk's Office Closes at 5 Sharp Even for Death Row Inmates

We all remember presiding Texas Judge "Killer" Keller who famously refused to respond or hold open the Clerk of Courts office in the case of Michael Richard who was put to death that night in Texas two years ago.  His appellate attorney who had had major technical difficulties printing needed documents called Judge Keller at 4:45, while enroute to file legal papers that might have stayed his execution.  On the stand, in her judicial disciplinary trial, Keller testified she would have done nothing differently. 

Late yesterday afternoon, the Dallas Morning News reported at their website that the Judge who presided over her Judicial ethics matter, believes that Judge Keller should receive no sanction, not even a reprimand, because her public humiliation has "been enough."  Huh?  Are you kidding us?

Let's see, deny due process, in Texas, inmate dies--that'll be no sanction. 


  1. This Judge is an utter disgrace.

  2. What about the sidebar item on the Dallas News website about Judge Keller's failure to disclose nearly $2 million in assets in financial disclosures. According to the article, this failure was ongoing.
    Correct me if I'm wrong, BL, but isn't the failure to disclose financial information the type of offense that most state bars will crawl up the backside of a lawyer about?

  3. You are correct Deraj, the decision not to sanction this dishonest Judge on the theory that "she's suffered enough public humiliation" is incredibly disturbing. I was telling the Blonde Super Lawyer about this case last night, and she's as astonished as I am, particularly in light of the failure to disclose required financial information.