Friday, January 8, 2010

Friend Me On Facebook, Your Honor!

The ABA Journal is reporting on the resignation of Judge Ernest "Bucky" Woods, who was sending, um, questionable emails to Tara Elizabeth Black (see pic, from her facebook page!).  I quote the ABA Journal report: 

Chief Judge Ernest “Bucky” Woods of Mountain Judicial Circuit Superior Court, 54, told the Fulton County Daily Report that he is retiring from the job. "I just got tired of living under a microscope,” he said.  Woods’ resignation follows allegations about an inappropriate relationship with a defendant [BL:  that had appeared before Judge Woods], Tara Elizabeth Black. The relationship was chronicled in what appear to be Facebook e-mails that were turned over to the circuit’s district attorney and obtained through an open records request by the Fulton County Daily Report and the Clayton Tribune, the first publication to write about the issue.

The more extensive Fulton County Daily Report article is at the link.  Apparently the relationship began when the Judge sent Miss Woods a FB message telling her that he had noticed that she was a hair stylist and that he was looking for someone to give him a new look. 

The Judge begins his new look immediately--sans robe, ending a 17 year career.


  1. Hey, badlawyer there's a Fla. case where a judge was ordered to stay off fb or he got sanctioned, you might want to check that out. I understand why that is a problem for jusges who are supposed to be impartial.

  2. David--

    I saw the report on the Legal Profession Blawg adn at Above the Law, Legal Tabloie both excelent sources. Yeah, man, really a terrible ethical quandary to put yourself in, and if you are following this Blawg you'll see that the Sharon Dixon trial was impacted by jurors who were doing facebook with one another and online research before deliberations began. Mayor Dixon caught a break and was able to skate prison and loss ofher pension because of a plea deal cut in the aftermath of those revelations.


  3. He got what he deserves, he pays no attention to the law in many of the cases and ruins lives. Wonder how he likes being on the other side? He should be treated the same as everyone else. What about the fact that he will get his pension?