Saturday, January 23, 2010

Delaware Judge William C. Bradley is a Child Molester

Delaware Judge William C. Bradley is an admitted child molester.


According to Delaware Online the Judge issue a statement admitting he molested an 11 year old boy more than 30 years ago--attorneys for Gregory Kelly had lined up 10 other adults who were prepared to testify about their molestations by the jurist and a second "John Doe" case was also pending.  Both Mr. Kelly's case and "the John Doe" case were settled.  An aspect of the settlement was Judge Bradley's written admission which was handed out in front of the courthouse where the Judge served for many years.

"John Doe" lawsuits are civil actions brought anonymously and subsequently amended "under seal" so that the parties knoe the identities of those bringing the suit. 

This report of the civil litigation against Judge Bradley serves to illustrate a larger point made, here, on Bad Lawyer that child molestation and abuse knows no boundary, no class, no socioeconomic, race or creed limitations.  For several decades we fought to establish acceptance of this idea in the courts, that you have a well-respected jurist admitting that he too, is a child molester should tell you how far the effort has come. 


  1. Thanks for posting this. I am the Plaintiff he confessed to abusing, and I am shocked at how few media outlets are reporting this.

    I guess they'll have more interest after the conclusion of his disbarment hearing.

    Greg Kelly

  2. It is my honor, and my sincere wish that you continue to turn this terrible crime into the powerful symbolism that it is. You'd be surprised at how rare a thing it is that someone like yourself is able to overcome all the forces aligned against justice for victims of child abuse. There are so many victims and so many re-victimized by the justice system that should stand shoulder to shoulder with them in a quest for justice--but deliberately stands with the perpetrators or those who covered up for the perpetrators. Good luck to you, and thank you from the bottom of my bad little heart!


  3. Well, hope springs eternal. The good news is that a new victim (not one of the 10) has come forward to join me in filing with the Office of Disciplinary Counsel to have him disbarred.

    Let's see what the Superior Court of Delaware is made of after they consider the abuse and the fact that he denied/lied in his Answer to my complaint.

    Thanks again for caring enough to share the story.

    Greg Kelly

    PS - All comments are welcome, including those who disagree.

  4. My child is a victim of Dr. Earl Bradley.I am very pleased, Mr. Kelly, that you finally were able to get justice.Delaware's justice system is broken as shown by this case and the OTHER Bradley case.This is very sad for all involved.

    Mr. Kelly, you have come a long way and I admire you for your courage to come forward and tackle this monster.God bless you and give you peace now.

  5. Thanks for your kind words, but I'm sorry for your child's trauma. I can't imagine what you must be feeling right now, but I hope it's righteous indignation.

    Earl Bradley will never see life outside of prison bars, but I hope all conerned Delawareans band together to help make this problem a major issue and stop the problem before it starts.

    Like Dr. Bradley, there were allegations against Judge Bradley decades ago, including my complaint with the Attorney General's Office in 1997.

    The State did absolutely nothing, and conveniently lost all the files from my complaint, according to AG spokesman Jason Miller.

    This problem will stop only when Delawareans DEMAND transparency in Government, and I pray that you will do this!

    Until then, my heart goes out to you the parents, and all the victims of child sexual abuse.


    PS - I am a former resident of the State myself.

  6. Greg,
    Great job exposing this guy. I know "Judge" personally and was one of the young teens he lured into his house by offering up his properties for hunting. I look back now and see how creepy it was that he always offered his house a a place to stay for us. While he did not attempt anything on me if sickens me just to realize that I was in his house in the company of him and now knowing what his true motives were. I know he did something to one of my friends although my friend will not come forward and do anything offically.