Thursday, January 21, 2010

Oh God!

The Fond Du Lac Reporter is relating the story of the local man cited for "rocking out the John Denver."  From the Fond Du Lac website, they report:

"Police responding to a complaint of loud noise have cited a Fond du Lac man for “rocking out” to the music of John Denver. A police who responded to the man’s apartment last week could hear Denver’s music through the door.  The officer pounded on the door but the man didn’t answer. Finally the officer found out the man’s name from a neighbor and called to him, bringing the man to the door.  When asked why he had the music so loud, the man said he was 'rocking out.'  The Reporter newspaper in Fond du Lac reports that the 42-year-old was cited for unnecessary loud noise. The ticket could result in a fine of about $210."

For you, dear reade,r too young to remember, Denver (pic) was the Garth Brooks/Clay Aiken of his moment.  It is appropriate for many reasons, to express relief and thank your deity that you were not within earshot.

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