Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Lawyer Is a Gun-Wielding Car Jacker!

There are Bad Lawyers,  and then there are thugs.  This story comes to us courtesy of the Baltimore Sun website which documents the arrest and incarceration of former Baltimore County prosecutor, Isaiah Dixon, III for armed car jacking.  That's right, c-a-r j-a-c-k-i-n-g with a g-u-n.  Let's let reporter Nick Madigan tell us the story: 

"A former Baltimore County prosecutor who works as an attorney in Towson has been charged with carjacking and armed robbery in connection with an incident last week near his home.  Isaiah Dixon III, 54, who worked as an assistant state's attorney for almost eight years until July 1997, was arrested Monday after police say he ran from officers on Belle Avenue in Northwest Baltimore. A police spokesman said the officers had converged there after a man was spotted driving a 2009 Honda Accord that had been taken at
gunpoint Friday from its owner, a 31-year-old woman.

Dixon, who has a criminal record for drug possession, was being held Tuesday at the Baltimore County Detention Center and was awaiting a bail review hearing. He was charged with armed carjacking; carjacking; armed robbery; first-degree assault; unlawful taking of a motor vehicle; and theft.  A representative of Scott D. Shellenberger, the Baltimore County state's attorney, confirmed that Dixon had worked there and that, as far as he knew, had been an effective prosecutor. It was not clear why Dixon had left his job as a prosecutor.

Dixon's run-ins with the law in recent years had taken their toll on his legal career, [BL: no kidding?]and efforts to remove him from the bar were under way. The Maryland Attorney Grievance Commission has an action pending against Dixon before the Court of Appeals, which is to hear it next month.A Circuit Court judge found in favor of the commission on a number of complaints against Dixon, including that he had purchased and used cocaine and that he had failed to appear in court, for which he was held in contempt.

Even after the commission brought the complaints against Dixon in May, court records show that he continued to take clients through July of last year. He is listed as the attorney for two clients with pending drug distribution and possession charges. And yet on Oct. 9, he was arrested for possession of a controlled dangerous substance, found guilty last month and given a suspended, one-year jail term. A similar charge in December 2008 was not prosecuted.  The latest incident began Friday shortly before noon outside Shoppers Food & Pharmacy at 2801 Smith Ave., a few blocks south of Dixon's home on Stridesham Court. Cpl. Michael Hill, a Baltimore County police spokesman, said a man approached the Honda's driver from behind with a knife and demanded her car as she was about to enter it.

'Fearing for her life, she gave him the car,' Hill said. 'And he left the scene.'

On Monday afternoon, a Baltimore County officer who was heading south on Greenspring Avenue near the city line spotted the stolen Honda and followed it into the city, Hill said. The officer called for backup and tried to pull the Honda over, but it sped away.  Officers followed the car as it went from Park Heights Avenue onto Belle Avenue, where the driver stopped the Honda and ran, Hill said. The officers ran after him and arrested him in the 3900 block of Belle Ave. The suspect matched the physical description given by the Honda's owner, Hill said. He added that Dixon 'did identify himself as an attorney during his arrest, booking and processing for the charges.'
Maybe he was late for court?  He won't be late again, anytime soon, I guarantee you.

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