Saturday, January 16, 2010

Professional Courtesy

The South Carolina Post and Courier has a revealing article that addresses the age old question:  what do cops think other cops will do for them? 

A video recording made Christmas Eve at the arrest of North Charleston Police Officer Christine Phinney (pic) who was breifly pursued for speeding and ended up with a fat lip is remarkably illustrative of what cops will do for other cops.  The video tape (at the link--worth watching) of the incident records Officer Phinney berating both the Summerville police and the Dorchester County Sheriff's deputy for arresting her and issuing a citation.  Despite an alleged "tussle" with the arresting deputy, Officer Phinney was not charged with an assault.

That Mrs. Phinney was cited at all--astounded Officer Phinney.  Officer Phinney is not just a cop, she's a two-fer, she's married to a police officer.  And as Officer Phinney told the charging officer, she routinely pulls over speeding law enforcement, who flash their badges, and of course she has the decency not to arrest or charge them.  

Isn't that what all cops expect of one another?  Officer Phinney unwittingly is letting the cat out of the bag, cops protect their own.  But really, are we surprised. 

What's frightening is that they gave this officer--who was clearly impaired, any kind of break.  The arresting officers didn't conduct a field sobriety test and they didn't ask her to perform a breathalizer.  Instead her colleagues charged her with disorderly conduct and speeding;  and, then they let her go home.  

You and me, we do what Christine Phinney did,  trust me, we get tased.

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  1. This makes me so angry!!! The So Car. attorney general needs to investigate this right away. Im losing faith in the police based on the Bda lawyer stories, thanks for trying to hold the feet to the fire! The film clip was disturbing.