Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lawyer in Courthouse Scuffle

Austin Legal is reporting on charges levied against attorney Carolyn Machelic Barnes (pic) for assaulting a Travis County Sheriff's deputy at the courthouse security checkpoint when the officer demanded AttorneyBarnes turn over her eyeglass repair kit.  According to the Sheriff, the 53 year old Barnes was kicking some serious security ass! 

It's actually pretty amazing how often we badass attorneys assault courthouse security.  After all we act like we own the place, the courthouse that is; like there might be a reason to be there, God forbid.

At least in this case there are videos, and Attorney Barnes is quoted in the the report as saying, let's see the video.   You know when this happened to me, I said the same thing,--and, damn if they didn't claim that they didn't have any of the actual incident.  Funny how that happens.  They certainly would not have wanted to turn over the video of a Sheriff's deputy lifting my eyeglasses off my face in order to directly apply pepper spray to my eyeballs. 

Good luck attorney Barnes!


  1. They couldn't lift her eyeglasses. Wasn't wearing em. That's why she had the eyeglass repair kit. It's OK. Justice, too, is blind.

    What is it with you attorneys when you reach your fifties? You get all ornery.

    She looks sweet.

    1. Check her mugshot...

  2. She is very sweet ;)

  3. She's had two very public run-ins with law officers. Though she would certainly deny it, when this kind of thing happens more than once, it's a pattern. Sometimes the correct answer is, ''Yes, officer.'' For people who can't get those words out of their mouth, life can be really rough sometimes.

  4. Law officers can act like they are God, and then expect to be treated as so.....usually the ones that got picked on in school want to be cops.

  5. Anon @12:26 Hilarious! Actually, I think it's a mix of the bullies and the ones who were picked on.

  6. Now that they see that the officer hit me and attacked me from behind from the video AND they see that there was no knife AND they see where he lied under oath--a 3rd degree felony, they don't want to file charges on him or indict him! What?! Only the citizens are subjected to this ill treatment? False arrest, aggravated kidnapping, aggravated ... See Moreassault, false imprisonment, civil rights violations, and aggravated perjury--now, there are just a few of the things that Dennis Tumlinson should be charged with and indicted on! I don't even get an apology and where is all the media coverage when the lies are exposed? Are wayward cops really that far above the law that they can attack a 53 year old woman from behind in broad open daylight--captured on a security video--and get away with it? What next? MURDER FOR HIRE?

  7. After waiting for over 11 months to finally see the video for myself (they refused to indict the cop and they blocked all four attempts I made to get the package to the grand jury), they now claim that the camera was not working that day and there is no video! Well, why did they first say it was too grainy to see anything and fight me so long with the Attorney General to keep from producing it, if it never existed! This is completely corrupt when the video clearly showed that this cop committed at least three felonies and is my best evidence to prove the truth. How convenient that the State, after running out of reasons and excuses why they should not have to produce it, now get away with this fraud in destroying the evidence! Justice in Texas!

  8. It is completely amazing how many people believe whatever the cops and press say and they continue to get away with these Constitutional violations as they build another police state while the people slumber.

  9. Cast the blame all you want ABEL C. B. Sickness
    You made your bed, now sleep in it! After what you have done to others, you can rott behind those bars ans I will enjoy every second of it.