Thursday, January 28, 2010

The "Doctor" Is In, Court!

The expert Psychologist who called himself "Doctor" turns out not to be and expert or a "doctor," according to  Here's an excerpt from the story:

" A man that allegedly posed as a psychologist in child custody cases has been charged with fraud.  The Whitby man was posing as a doctor of psychology and called himself a doctor when he testified in family court, Durham Regional Police said Tuesday.  Since the November complaint, investigators have found three families that were affected but they are appealing for any other potential victims to come forward.  According to the College of Psychologists, the man is registered as a psychological associate with limited ability to practice and does not have a doctorate recognized by the college, police said.  Greg Carter, 63, of Pringle Drive in Whitby, is charged with three counts of fraud, two counts of obstructing justice and two counts of perjury. 
A number of years ago, the Blonde Super Lawyer was callled to jury duty in a very high-profile case involving a wrongful discharge claim filed by the former director of Public Housing in OurTown.   One of the elements of the case turned on the authenticity of documents that the fired executive claimed authorized her to take certain funds auditors claimed she stole.  The signatures on the documents she presented to support her claim were challenged as foregeries by the persons who allegedly signed the documents; incredibly she presented a hand writing expert to testify tha tthe signatures were authentic.   This expert was not an expert, and his testimony was completely fraudulent. 

The former director lost her lawsuit, was indicted, and went to jail.  Oh, just before the firing--she was under consideration for Secretary of Housing and Urban Development--bullet dodged. 

The so-called handwriting expert was indicted for perjury and killed himself before he could be extradicted and returned to OurState for prosecution.  The Jury foreperson told me afterwards, that they loved this witness, he was totally charming, a delight to listen to, but they also thought he was completely full of baloney.

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