Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Frivolous Lawsuit Follies--Man's iPhone Keeping Neighbor Awake-Lawsuit!

The Register, a UK-based technology blog reports on the Santa Fe, NM man who sued his neighbor demanding a half-mil for, well let's let the Register relate the tale of tech gone wrong, well allegedly:  "Arthur Firstenberg is suing his neighbour for $530,000 for refusing to switch off her iPhone, claiming that the electromagnetic fields generated are destroying his health.  Not only does Mr. Firstenberg want the iPhone switched off, but he also reckons that leaving the iPhone and a laptop charging overnight is denying him the sleep he so badly needs, according to the filing spotted by the Santa Fe Reporter. This is apparently why his half-million claim includes $100,000 for pain and suffering."

Now the amazing fact about this story, is, that this isn't just a wacko filing a pro se lawsuit.  An actual living-breathing attorney filed this frivolous lawsuit!  If you read the Bad Lawyer Blawg you know what that means, Rule 11 sanctions!  According to the SFReeper.com, attorney Lindsay Lovejoy who maintains this Linkedin page, is Firstenberg's attorney.  One assumes Mr. Lovejoy got paid up front.

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