Friday, January 29, 2010

Tony Abbate Wants His Job Back--Right!

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that the Chicago cop, Tony Abbate, perpetrator of this famous off duty assault and battery is suing to get his job back citing among the errors in his dismissal, the viewing of this video.  This is from the Tribune article on Abbate's request for reinstatement:

"A Chicago police officer fired after a video camera recorded him beating a female bartender is asking a judge to review his termination.In a petition filed Tuesday in Cook County Circuit Court, attorneys for Anthony Abbate said the Chicago Police Board made 12 errors in ordering his termination last month, including using the infamous videotape in deciding to fire him.

In a decision championed by Police Superintendent Jody Weis, the board found Abbate guilty of several rules violations surrounding the beating at Jesse's Short Stop Inn in the Cragin neighborhood on the Northwest Side.  Abbate's petition also claims that the civilian board wrongly viewed as a problem Abbate's decision to invoke his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination at least 75 times during his board hearing.  The petition asks that a judge review the official record and transcripts of evidence and reverse his firing. Abbate's challenge could be moot, as he was convicted of felony aggravated battery in criminal court last summer. The city bars the hiring of people with felony convictions as police officers."
My advice to Officer Abbate,  hold your breath.

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