Monday, January 18, 2010

Mesa Mess

This handsome fellow (pic) is the second in command at the Mesa, Arizona police.  The folks in Mesa would like him to become their next police chief.  The only problem, according to Arizona, Central, is that John Meza had an affair with a married woman and like King David, he may have used his kingly/police powers to screw his rival.

A lawsuit filed by the ex-husband alleges that Officer Meza fraudulently filed two police reports intended to injure the husband in furtherance of Meza's affair.  This is from Gary Nelson's article: 

"It has taken John Meza 23 years to climb Mesa's police ranks from rookie officer to second in command.  Now he is poised to reach the top rung as a finalist for the vacant chief's position, with one of the city's two police unions and numerous rank-and-file officers backing his candidacy.  But a past indiscretion has come back to haunt him in the form of a lawsuit that has forced Mesa to spend tax dollars defending itself and Meza in federal court.The lawsuit was filed by the ex-husband of a former city employee with whom Meza admitted having an affair that lasted from 2002 to 2008.

Filed in U.S. District Court, it alleges that after the couple divorced in January 2007, Meza and the woman conspired to fabricate two police reports against the plaintiff, violating his civil rights under the Fourth and 14th amendments to the U.S. Constitution.The city was named as a defendant because the ex-husband claimed that city policies led to the alleged civil-rights violation.  The ex-husband's allegations have been investigated by both the city and the FBI and found to be without merit. Meza and the woman believe the lawsuit is an attempt to further harass and intimidate them.The woman's name is being withheld by The Arizona Republic because she has been a victim of domestic violence. The Republic is also withholding the ex-husband's name to protect the woman's identity."

The allegations against this officer do not sound terribly credible, BUT there is no dispute, this officer's judgment is poor.  His actions cost the City of Mesa, Arizona thousands of dollars in lawyers fees and court costs.  It should cost Officer Meza any consideration for the top job.   But, you know--this is the Republic of Arizona, so we will see.


  1. You should see who he was with next. Can't believe the union does not investigate this, him and the city attorney representing him and disciplining officers. Bet he was protected nicely.

  2. He loves everyone else's wife. What an A-hole.