Sunday, January 10, 2010

Serial Killer to Self-Represent In Third Murder Trial

Long time death row inmate, and suspected serial killer Rodney Alcala, age 66, goes on trial tomorrow for the third time in the murder of Robin Samsoe (pic) according to the Orange County Register, Alcala is expected to act as his own attorney.  The Orange County Register reports that the two previous convictions of Alcala were reversed.  In the iterim years DNA testing has linked Alcala to 4 other rapes and murders of young women.  Additionally, Alcala has a lengthy prior record of rape and assault.  He has been on death row for 30 years.

Alcala a former UCLA photography student is purported to have a genuis-level IQ, and he intends to represent himself at trial--which is why this matter is notable.   Twice previously, Alcala received the death sentence for the kidnap, rape and murder of 12 year old Robin Samsoe, and the death penalty is at stake in this re-trial. 

What can we expect of "attorney" Samsoe?  Games.  Once previously, Alcala fashioned a plastic bow-tie for his prison garb, when told he would not be able to have cvilian clothes. 

Here's betting that the California courts enabled a sociopath to have fun and games, to torment the survivors of little Robin Samsoe--because the state is intent (at taxpayer's expense) upon the symbolism of death.   As we have seen, on Bad Lawyer, California so mal-administers the death penalty that in reality almost no death row inmate is ever executed! 

Already, constitutional problems have arisen in the Alcala case, although a jury is selected and the case is set to go Monday--in a colloquy with the court Alcala told the Judge that the time frame restricitions on his phone calls from prison prevented the completion of the work of expert witnesses employed by him in his defense (doubtlessly also at taxpayer expense.)

One more unitended consequence of the demagoguery of the death penalty. 


  1. Update from first day of trial

  2. who in the hell dose this monster think he is?better yet who are we to give him yet another chance to find our courts at fault?he not only has taken robins life but has taken the lifes of her family also.30 years of unjust isn't a life sentance?to say nothing of the other women and thier familys.if our courts can't give him death.set him free so we can!

  3. set him free and let us know where he is released...the rest is history.

  4. In this situation there is no forgiveness. Rodney took a life of a young beautiful child who has family that loved her and will always think of her every single day and suffer inside and wonder what kind of monster is this. This is so sad. There should be justice and closure for this poor family.

  5. makes you want to go "jack bauer" on him

  6. i love Rodney.he is the best of the best!