Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sheriff Joe--the Federal Grand Jury

I have talked at length about Sheriff Arpaio and the efforts to reign in his abuses.  This morning,  AZ Central is reporting that county officials are testifying at a federal grand jury that is looking at Arpaipo's abuse of power crimes. 

As I've said before, Sheriff Joe is the archetype for the sorts of "public servants" we see all the time in this country, demagogues who will take away your freedoms, rights, and liberty in the name of (their idiomatic version of) law and order.  Sheriff Joe is the poster boy for the more insidious types of this character like the democratically elected judges who angrily "throw the book" at criminals, knowing full well that they are violating rights of defendants, and end up costing the taxpayers crates of money to defend preposterous unconstituional acts of judicial fiat; or the state legislatures that overcriminalize the laws;  prosecutors that overcharge, and play games with exculpatory evidence;  and, of course, the Boys in Blue with their tasers and quickdraw mentality who can, in the blink of an eye, take away the ultimate right, your life. 

Good luck, Arizona! 


  1. BadLawyer is right,demagogues spend your tax dollars 'takingaway yoour rights'.

  2. No, you are right, Becky. One of the things I pointed out in the post about Judge Sutula, is that when these "public officials" that are so, "tough on crime" violate constitutional rights not only are they in danger of putting innocent people away, taking away our liberty, but costing the taxpayers in several ways--the criminal is back on the street committing more crimes causing more injuries or back in front of the system for appellate review, and retrials. It's outrageous, that we the people foot the bill for demagoguery.