Thursday, January 28, 2010

Professional Courtesy--Update

When last we discussed North Charleston, South Carolina police officer Christine Phinney (pic) she had been pulled over by the Dorchester County, South Carolina Sheriff's department for speeding and essentially given a pass for drunk driving and disorderly conduct.  The update at the Post and Courier informs us that she has lost her job.  At the link you will find the "missing video" that her lawyer tried to prevent disclosure of, since as you will see it pretty well demonstrates why Officer Phinney is now a former-police officer. 

More importantly for this blawg, is the peek behind the "curtain" of law enforcement taking care of their own--or trying to.  Phinney didn't help them. 

Nonetheless, Phinney wasn't charged with a serious traffic offenses or disorderly conduct, even though it is obvious she's drunk, Phinney did not spend the night in jail.  It is only Phinney's failure to "play ball" at the scene of the traffic stop--her getting out of the car and her being "non-compliant" that causes her to be arrested.   The video tape seals her fate.

The Post and Courier and the other media rightly wanted to know how it is that this officer gets a pass and when they obtain the first video--which as you will recall was shot from a patrol car sitting behind the sheriff patrol vehicle; and, when the press are denied access to the second video, the Sheriff's car that is ubobstructed,  well I think, we all knew what the video was going to show--Christine Phinney had to go.

 Had Officer Phinney stayed in the car, had there been no video, she is back on the road--you know it, and I know it.  Let's now do a little "thought experiment"--if this had been me, mmmmm how many times would would thye have tased me?

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