Sunday, January 10, 2010

Somebody Stole Baby Jesus!

According to a report at the Denver Post website, somebody stole Baby Jesus, Joseph, and a lamb from the nativity scene in front of Holy Name Catholic Church in Steamboat, Colorado. 

The article which originally appeared in the Steamboat Pilot & Today paper, written by Zach Fridell and it explains:   "Father Ernest Bayer said the figures were screwed into a sheet of plywood. He said he noticed them missing Saturday, but a parishioner told him they might have been missing all of the previous week.  Bob Dapper, a member of the Knights of Columbus group with the church, said he set up the Nativity this year in increments leading up to Christmas Day, adding the figures of Jesus, Joseph and Mary on Christmas Eve.

After the theft, Mary and a lamb remained.

The figures, slightly smaller than life size, were a couple hundred dollars each, Bayer estimated, purchased mostly with private donations."

Years ago I represented a nursing home employee at a workers' compensation hearing in OurState, who claimed head, neck and back injuries when a Blessed Virgin Mary statue "flew off" a vending machine and struck her.  A flying BVM injury!  I was a young Bad Lawyer, and mightily impressed with my client's compelling description of greivous physical and spiritual injuries that is, until opposing counsel reached into his Large Brief case and extracted a small, hollow, plaster of paris bust that on cross-examination my client identified as the offending religious statue. 



  1. Not Baby Jesus! Maybe it was Mr. Bean who did it.

    Perhaps your client was a heretic and the Lord struck her down for prophesying?

  2. She prophesized herself right out of a valid workers' comp, claim that's for sure! Yeah, I should have run the Mr. Bean You Tube video, damn!