Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Phoenix New Times on Maricopa County Jurisprudence

I really like the Phoenix New Times  website  and it's coverage of the issues.

The PNT has this report about local Phoenix lawyers who don't deserve to be called lawyers, who don't deserve to have law licenses.  I would summarize, but the stories of the lawyers, involved, are different;  and each acccount deserves to be read for its special awfulness.  Let's just say one lawyer is a thief and fraud;  and, the other one, a goon, who spectacularly prostituted his law license to do the will of Sheriff Joe Arpao. 

The ongoing car wreck that is Maricopa County, Arizona makes other corrupt counties that I read about, pale in comparison.  This locale is especially awful, because constitutional rights seem somehow optional.  It's an alternate universe, a bizzaro county, it's a dark OZ. 

The folks at the PNT have borne the brunt of this arbitrary and capricious juridic world, and yet they continue to cheerfully bring us the complete story.

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