Saturday, January 9, 2010

eFilings, oops, Can I Have that One Back, Judge?

Above the Law Tabloid, a must read for any Lawyer, bad or otherwise--had this amusing look at South, Florida's Patrick Scott an attorney who mistakenly used the federal efiling system (CM/ECF filing), efiled his year end "to do" list with the local U.S. Bankruptcy Court.   That's right folks!  Chick the link, it's pretty eye-glazing stuff until you realize what it is he lisitng.

I realize this tale of attorney-woe is pretty much inside-baseball; imagine, however, that you are at your job and you make a list of things you need to do.  On your list is an item that says without much paraphrasing "give 'our client's' shit-job, (that could get him in hot water with the IRS, the US attorney, and his shareholders) to the secretary" and imagine that through your own inattentiveness your "to do" list found its way onto the bulletin board at the local Starbucks! 

See the problem?  Maybe, just maybe there's a software solution to this sort of thing?


  1. Hey BadLawyer,my attorney was at a hearing for benefits and he pulled out a medical report and read from it, but it was somebody elses. We have computer filing, i asked him if he filed the rport on his computer and we found it so I got my benefits afterall.

  2. It's actually pretty amazing how often misfiling occurs in hard copy of documents. Lawyers entrust secretaries and paralegals to prep files, in my case to run my office in my absence--and, things go awry. Make no mistake, as I've said, here, often enough, it is never he secretary's fault. But I do empathize with the lawyer with the misfiled document. The lawyer with the misfiled hard copy and the properly filed eDoc is in pretty good shape--that's where proper software and data systems are involuable.