Friday, January 29, 2010

Utah Lawyer Steals from the Dead, Gives Girlfriend Big TaTas!

This piece-of-shit (also called, "POS"--a technical expression) is Matthew "Terry" Graff.  He was a Cedar City, Utah lawyer until he got all grabby with the clients' settlement money.  Lot's of it.  Nothing new there, but it's from who he took money that caught my attention, and it is what he did with the money;  the account that follows is from Mark Havnes, Salt Lake Tribune article:

"Charges were filed against Graff in May 2009, after investigators said he stole money from Matthew Tillery and Easton Vigil. The money was from settlements the men received from the company that owned the airplane in which their wives died.   Marci Tillery and Camie Vigil were among nine employees of the Southwest Skin and Cancer Clinic in Cedar City who were killed in an Aug. 22, 2008 plane crash as they returned from a work trip to Moab. The pilot also died.  All the families received out-of-court settlements from The Leavitt Agency. But Tillery and Vigil, who retained Graff to represent them, never got their money.

Investigators said Graff used the money to pay for a house in St. George for his girlfriend, pay for her breast augmentation, and take her on a trip to Hawaii, among other things. He also spent $10,000 of the money he stole on a birthday party in Las Vegas for his wife.

'He didn't care for us, he just wanted a big paycheck,' Tillery said during Friday's hearing. 'He pretended to be a savior at the darkest time of my life. What he did has made me angry and frustrated.'

Vigil did not testify, but others who have been swindled by Graff did.   After Graff was charged last year, police and attorneys for Iron and Washington counties received more than 100 complaints about him, the Cedar City courtroom was packed Friday with people who claimed to be his victims. Many were elderly. All were angry."
It's especially reassuring to know that our nation's law schools are pumping thousands of these men and women out on an unsuspecting public--most without a means of support, or a clue as to how to pay the bills, etc.


  1. Close public law schools and raise the Bar:

    Local lawyers wanted a scapegoat and obviously used this guy. Anbody who followed this case knows he was ready and able to make financial restitution to the clients, but the prosecutor, who was the highschool dream companion of the wife of this lawyer) got his revenge at the financial expense of the dead clients. This courthouse scam, hiding under the guise of protecting justice and the public denied this restitution to the dead clients so they could have their scapegoat and revenge. (A lie that attorneys are watching out for the public and this is an example)

    Conflict of interest and general ethics required in other professions doesn't even make a dent here or in the practice of law.

    Lawyers grab and slow play clients all the time. If they get caught typically they are admonished or double admonished etc. Local lawyers could not compete so they hung this guy out to point the finger away from their own legal tyranny. This Southern Utah linch mob wanted their revenge against this guy who 99% was just more successful than the mob. The mob slow plays and screws around with their trust funds too.

    Save money and close all the public law schools and raise the bar passing score. Then, O'Lord we may have enough lawyers to preserve justice instead of enough lawyers to fingerpoint away from their own "POS." Bars and courthouses are only transparent to the public they serve when it suits them.


    Member of Halt

    1. Name the Local Lawyers and their positions now. Money like Creme floats to the top. Garrett, Wayment and ....

  2. Honey ... imagine tan lines on what these breasts could look like. Or send a check to your clients. Your choice. Oh, and I think you'd look dreamy with a goatee.

  3. When I was a young Bad Lawyer, there was a lawyer who worked in a building downtown who had done similar things, aided in the effort by his abuse of powdery substances. After being caught he decided his best strategy course was to defenestrate himself--his office was on the 14th floor.

  4. MOH--

    I'm sure you are not making the "everybody does it" argument for attorney Graff--because, everybody doesn't. And Graff is hardly a scapegoat, since he in fact stole money from clients. The problem if you correctly describe it, is that a lot more lawyers need to be held to account in Utah--and, we need to look at how it is that so many bright young people find themselves at the end of a law school education with a license, an inability to make a living, and the opportunity to do so much harm.


  5. Yeah, Utah lawyers are f****d bunch of thieves. Graff stole from his clients, and the rules are in favor of the lawyers. His 'clients' need to get his malpractice policy limits. What does Graff's wife has to say about his girlfriend?

    Graff probably told his clients that the insurance company folded. I wonder what he told his wife about the rack for his girlfriend...oh, wait, that's why he had the 10,000 party!


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