Friday, January 15, 2010

Taser Tragedies Mount

The NYPD police officer, Lt. Michael Pigott who ordered the tasering of the mentally disturbed man in this video killed himself.  NYC is now trying to block "discovery" of the officer's suicide note as the matter heads to a civil trial on a wrongful death action filed by the victim's family according to report in the NY Post.

Tasers are the non-lethal alternative for law enforcement. 

Instead of gettting a mental health professional on the scene, instead of waiting for this pathetic man to calm down, they tased Mr. Morales and he fell to his death. 

Now the police office who ordered the Taser's use has killed himself and his wife claims it is because the City made him a scapegoat for the fatality use of the taser. 

The taser is the non-lethal alternative for law enforcement.  Yep.

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