Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nancy Grace, Media -@#%$&

The harpy to the left is Nancy Grace, a former prosecutor and OJ groupie/lawyer commentator.  She's built a low-rated Cable channel program on what was formerly called Headline News, by appealing to the lowest common denominator and exploiting crime victims for sensationalism.  Her interview of Elizabeth Smart, is one of the most skin-crawling moments in "real crime" television history (see video at YouTube.) 

Grace is a defendant in a wrognful death lawsuit brought by survivors of a very troubled 21 year old mother of Trenton Duckett--who Nancy Grace insinuated murdered her then missing two-year old son.   The mother killed herself a couple of hours prior to the airing of the telephone interview in which the mother was berated by Grace for not submitting to a lie detector test Duckett's attorney told her not to undergo.  This is Dahlia Lithwick's article from 2006  which nicely summarizes the Duckett controversy and Nancy Grace's role in it. 

Which brings me to the hypocrisy that prompts today's post, courtesy of The Smoking Gun  Miss Grace is about to have her deposition taken by videotape--you know:  lawyers are going to ask this former prosecutor questions and this media-lawyer is going to answer the questions under oath in front of a camera.  Guess what she and Cable News, Inc. have filed a motion with the court seeking to "seal" the footage so we the people won't see it.  Seems, Nancy Grace is afraid that the deposition footage will be sliced and diced out of context.  No kidding!

There is a role for legal commentary, that's what I do here.  There is ample reason for expressing outrage on behalf of victims of crime;  we do that here, all the time.  But this hypocrite, sensationalist exploiter of crime victims can't take what she readily dishes, and we should all take notice.


  1. Huffington Post is reporting that the Cable News lawyers got an order preventing the deposition videotape from being released so Nancy Grace won't be "embarassed," isn't that a little like closing the barn door after the horse's ass is already out?

  2. Can you explain how Bill Clinton's deposition testimony was all over the news but a minor media star can keep her depos video offair ?

  3. She is a rude B---H. Try to call her you get a constant busy (day and night). Anytime her guest try to cross her they are cut off. She is so fake!!! Makes me sick.