Saturday, January 23, 2010

Boys and Their Toys--Part 6 The Police Let a Little Boy Play with a Micro-Uzi and Die

According to the Boston Globe website, this story  was all over the news.  I confess, I missed it.  Apparently the fat pig in the pic is Edward P. Fleury former Police Chief of Pelham, Mass, and a major gun-fondler.  He was the organizer of an annual let's play with our assault weapons outing at which a 8 year old child was allowed to shoot a "mini-uzi."which I take to be a smaller version of the famous Israeli submachine gun.   This is from Buffy Spencer's update of legal proceedings against Fleury, and others:

"A June 1 trial date is set in Hampden Superior Court for the first defendants being prosecuted in connection with the 2008 shooting death of an 8-year-old boy at the Westfield Sportsmen’s Club.

Prosecution and defense lawyers agreed this week to the trial date for former Pelham Police Chief Edward B. Fleury and the club. They face manslaughter charges for the death of Christopher K. Bizilj during a gun exposition on Oct. 26, 2008.   The boy, of Ashford, Conn., died after suffering a wound to the head when he lost control of a Micro Uzi submachine gun he was firing."

Maybe my lack of compassion for these asshats is predicated on my lack of interest in weapons.  I have no desire to hold, or shoot, or hear weapons.  I was 17 when I went into the U.S. Army, and almost 21 when I was released.  I spent three years with weapons large and small, these devices are utilitarian machines intended to kill.  They make bone rattling noise--I lived at Fort Knox for 3 months, the firing never stops--morning noon, nor night.  When my time in the Army was over, I had no further interest in guns.  Likewise, I was trained and schooled in mechanics, after my time in that job was over--I have no desire to go play with ratchets, wrenches, and screwdrivers. 

Yes, I can understand that there are men and women who are curious, go to a range (at the proper age,)  Shoot the guns, go home.  Get over it.

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